Thursday, February 22, 2007


Jackson County News has been spending some time listening and investigating some of the local candidates running for office in Raytown. As we have mentioned before there are some really good candidates running for office this time around; folks that really care about Raytown. However, with the good comes the bad, so it should be no surprise that there are also candidates running just to keep things corrupt and regressive in Raytown. We assure you that our recommendations are for those candidates looking out for you.

Mayor:Jerry Briggs, Greg Walters

Both of these guys have Raytown's best interest at heart. They have spent over two decades serving the community of Raytown and look to continue serving the community as much improvements are needed. Both Briggs and Walters have sounded excellent at forums and community events. Both know Raytown and Raytown knows both very well. Either will not take you down the wrong road. Both signed a pledge to not take big name corrput dollars with Jerry Briggs being the first to sign his name on the dotted line.

Candidate Bowers has yet to sign his name while EVERY other candidate has. Don't vote for that guy!

Vote for one of these two.

Alderman Ward I: Richard Tush
Great guy, great ideas and knows how to get things done for Ward I

Alderman Ward II (Term Expiring 2011): Jerry Kinman

This candidate has been around Raytown also for quite sometime. He has the drive and the passion to represent the true working class folks of Raytown and the lifers that are here to stay.

Alderman Ward III (Term Expiring 2009):Tommy Bettis III

An exciting and brilliant candidate that also has the know how to reach out to all community members. Being African-American we really like the idea of Bettis being an Alderman; Raytown needs his voice and his enthusiasm.

Alderman Ward III (Term Expiring 2011):Janelle Rubelee

A diehard, dedicated, and passionate candidate for Ward III; and definitely our favorite Alderman candidate on the ticket. While her opponent is living in the Land of Oz (literally, listen to her answering machine), Rubelee has been out knocking on doors in below 0 degree weather. Rain or Shine Ms. Rubelee will be there for you the people, looking out for YOUR best interest.

That can definitely NOT be said for her opponent.

Alderman Ward IV:Sandy Hartwell

Sandy Hartwell is a candidate that brings a lot of experience to Ward IV.

Her opponents are backed by a strong Republican Anti-Worker, Anti-Raytown Agenda and one still lives at home in his parents basement!!!

Raytown deserves better than the other two candidates and Hartwell has proven to be a person that Ward IV can trust.

Alderman Ward V:Diane Krizek

Diane Krizek is also a candidate running for the people. Her and the candidates mentioned above share one thing in common; their dedication to stand up against an agenda that is looking to absolutely damage the reputation and economy of Raytown.

This election could be one of the most important in Raytown's recent history. There is a lot at stake for the people of Raytown and there are a lot of people that wish to do the community harm by backing a dangerous FBC Raytown agenda. Vote for these names come election day.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


The filing for city wide races in Raytown closed this week and the ballot is ready for voting. There are not 1, not 2, but 7 candidates for mayor of Raytown and a large number of new faces on the ballot for Alderman seats.

Here is the list of Candidates according to The Raytown Reporter :

Jerry Briggs
David Bower
Robert Grissom
John Martin
Lee Gray
Alan Adams
Greg Walters

Richard Boone
Bob Merrill
William (Bill) VanBuskirk
Kathie Schutte

Alderman Ward I:
Joe Creamer
Richard Tush

Alderman Ward II (Term Expiring 2009):
Jim Hamilton

Alderman Ward II (Term Expiring 2011):
Jim Aziere
Jerry Kinman

Alderman Ward III (Term Expiring 2009):
Tommy Bettis III
Christine White

Alderman Ward III (Term Expiring 2011):
Charlotte Melson
Janelle Rubelee

Alderman Ward IV:
Chris Inlow
Pat Ertz
Sandy Hartwell

Alderman Ward V:
Pat Riehle, Diane Krizek


There are a lot of candidates that have filed. There are a couple of candidates that over the years have dedicated their life to improving Raytown and when you couple that with the possible victory of some Alderman candidates that would be great for the community, Raytown could be heading down a bright path for the future .

We will let you know who those candidates are once we make our endorsement recommendations very soon!!

Matt Bartle Presents: 17 Hours Of Nothing

If you attended any events on Friday you would have noticed that local state senators looked like they haven't slept in days....or at least one day. That's because local State Senator Matt Bartle from Lee's Summit decided to speak on the Senate floor for 17 hours in an attempt to filibuster the nomination of Warren Erdman, by Gov. Blunt , to the MU Board of Curators.

Eventhough Erdman has a heavy GOP resume, Sen. Bartle stood opposed to the nomination due to (well you probably guessed it) Erdman's stance on Embryonic Stem Cell Research. At last, after many laughable tactics used by Democrats and even one allowed bathroom break, Bartle called it quits and lost the vote 27-2; with the two votes coming from Sen. Bartle and Sen. Kennedy (St. Louis area).


Matt Bartle likes to talk and can do it on a level that no other Republican from this side of the state can match. His talking alone is the reason why he managed to pull off such a large win in the Republican primary (along with his powerful negative mailing literature). The guy is a very polarizing figure in Missouri politics, but yet, still seems to find a way to talk local Republicans into staying on the train.

Because of his "Take you to church" type speaking, which always hypnotizes Republicans in this day and age, combined with the fact that he is probably the only Republican on this side of the state intelligent enough to speak in front of a large crowd and make sense of the propaganda he is selling, it should come as no surprise to you when his name shows up on the Republican Ticket for Attorney General.
(You heard us call it first with no factual evidence to support it!!! We love blogs!)

However, could it be said that he has now crossed the line into the very obsessive and dangerous part of the 'Phil Kline' twilight zone?

You tell us.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays Everyone! Enjoy the break....we will be. Don't forget to put out the milk and cookies!

Monday, December 18, 2006

How Jackson County Can Learn From......Kansas?

The Kansas City Star announced today that Dr. Bob Meineilly, pastor emeritus of Village Presbyterian Church and chairman emeritus of the moderate Mainstream Coalition, said he was joining the ranks of Kansas Republicans switching parties. His reasoning: Last week's election of Phill Kline as Johnson County D.A (God help all of Johnson County!!!)

Meineilly said this on the matter "The way they did it was kind of a slap in the face to the community"

Slapping The Community in the face seems to be an obvious problem that Johnson County is currently facing. As the months go by more and more Kansas Republicans are turning Blue and it should be a sign to the rest of the country, especially Missouri...especially Jackson County.

Here's why:

The Kansas City Star today also announced that State Senator from Missouri's 8th Senate District is co-coordinating a campaign to stop Stem Cell Research.....after both Republicans and Democrats voted for it this November. Their Goal...

"to place in the Missouri Constitution a genuine ban on human cloning and to close loopholes in current Missouri law allowing for the cloning of human being."

However, this is just ANOTHER example of why Jackson County should learn from many Kansas GOP members that are switching parties after realizing that today's MO/KS GOP at the top down is full of nothing but lunatics using God's name to press their radical agenda.

Make no mistake about it...Jackson County News stands against Human Cloning. However, Sen. Bartle's campaign is not about stopping Human Cloning and unfortunately neither was the Say No on Ammendment 2 campaign...if it were then they would gladly and openly tell their constituents that in Section 38 d of Ammendment two the following is written:

"(1) No person may clone or attempt to clone a human being."

Politicians that maintain agendas like Sen. Bartle are very dangerous and unfortunately Missouri and Kansas are full of them. Jackson County, in particular Lee's Summit (what some would call the Overland Park of Missouri) should take note of what is going on in Kansas, especially in Johnson County and use what they learn for the next elections.

Voting Republican in the last few years was a suburban trend that really should stop. Reason being: It is obvious that the current GOP leadership around the country especially in America's Heartland is in no way shape or form connected with it's constituents. The only dedication that the Kansas & Missouri GOP leadership maintains is to it's ....leaders.

Those that make money, those that will do anything to continue to make money ...and that includes at the expense of your American Freedom & Constitution.

There is nothing wrong with being a Moderate Democrat...ask Kansas. There is nothing wrong with voting for moderates in both parties. (which Missouri has the pleasure of being able to do)

There are good moderate Republicans in Missouri's Capital as well. However, you ask many of them and they will tell you that the GOP leadership is a very dangerous one.

Jackson County News applauds those Kansas GOP members that are leaving their party for their courage to do what is right and to inform the people of why they are doing it.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

How many will announce?

The Raytown Reporter has been doing a great job covering Raytown Politics for almost 10 years. That tradition is sure to continue with this coming April's Raytown Elections.

According to the Raytown Reporter,, Sue Frank has reportedly stated that she will not seek another term as mayor.

That has opened the door for some interesting politics in Raytown. Along with the Mayor's Race there will be 9...YES 9!! Alderman spots open for this coming April's election.

Filing started this week and will end on the 16th of January at 5pm.

Who will announce? Who will win? We will soon see, but one thing is for sure Aziere is definitely going to jump in this race. One other thing is for sure...Jackson County News will not be endorsing him.

We are starting to get the idea that he wants to set the record for the most elections ever by a candidate.

There are some talks of a few other possible candidates for Mayor of Raytown. There are a couple of really good possible candidates out there, that SINCERELY care about Raytown.

We hope they run. Raytown deserves better than some of the rats calling themselves community leaders in Raytown. They and You know who we are talking about.

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